Repair Your Damaged Reputation Online

Online Reputation Management Helps You Recover After Negative Reviews

If  you have negative business reviews on the Internet you will know how much damage they cause. They hurt your business and put off new customers. They rank in search engines and are a constant negative reminder that you have had unhappy customers.

Bad Reviews Destroy Your Reputationnegative+business+reviews+online+internet

What happens when you read a bad review about a business… Do you believe the review?

The fact is that even if your customers are generally happy, and even if the bad reviews are fake… people believe what they read.

When a potential customer reads a bad review about your business nothing else matters because they decide its true, they think you are unreliable, and they don’t trust your business.

So how do we deal with these negative search results? have established that a bad reviews is terrible for your credibility, but how do we handle them? The main concern is to remove them from view, but you can not delete them so you have to replace them… And not by positing fake reviews on.

This is not the way to handle them, you can damage your reputation beyond repair by posting false reviews. You have to be smart. 

You have to take control of the online conversation by controlling page 1 of search results for your business. By doing this you show peple what you want them to see… and they believe it.

We develop a complete network of highly optimised content including websites, social channels. blogs, articles, directory listings, videos, images and media hubs so that the powerful negative reviews are pushed down and buried.

This is the only way you can protect your business and this also gives you a platform to gain more customers and market yourself. We repair damaged reputations and turn a negative into a positive.

How do you respond to negative reviews?repair+reputation+bad+busines+reviews+online

This is where you have to be very careful. We know that you want to remove the bad review altogether, you want it hidden from view and you want to control what people see when they search for your business. If you go in and reply to the review this makes it rank higher and it adds fuel to the fire.

You need to kill it with silence. We concentrate on making these negative search results go away and giving you a new strong and positive reputation on the internet.



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