Can I Hide a Bad Review?

If you have bad business reviews online you will know the damage that they cause. When people read bad reviews about your business, it gives them the impression that you are not worth their time, and not worth their money.

bad-business-review-bad-reputationBad Reviews Destroy Your Credibility

So how can you hide them? You have to replace them with something that appeals to search engine algorithms. There is no quick an easy fix, but remember…

This is your online reputation that we are talking about, and if you don’t hide or remove them from view – they will stay there and damage your image forever.

Why Do Bad Business Reviews Appear On Page 1?

Most review websites rank very well in Google and other search engines. Business Reviews tend to show up on page 1 because they have a lot of links, a lot of people visit the websites, they share them on social media, they have been around for years, and a lot of money goes in to promoting the review websites.

bad-yelp-reviews-damage-reputationYelp, Trip Advisor, Product Review et al

These review websites are extremely powerful. Attempting to contact them and asking them to remove a bad business review will rarely work.

The main reason these review websites exist is because they allow customers to write their opinion about a business.

If they removed every review that a business owner didn’t like, the whole website would be pointless. It would just be a positive review after positive review.

So if you have bad reviews on Yelp or any other website you have to take another route to repairing your online reputation… This is business reputation management.

Okay So How Can You Help My Business?

We develop a network of content that we optimise to dominate page 1. When people search for your business online they will only find positive and useful information.

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